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Time Management For Dads

June 2nd, 2008 . by 21st Century Dad

Optimus Prime Hoists The Cup

Photo: jquiz

Game 5 of the Stanley Cup playoffs is tonight. I’ve only watched two periods of game 1 so far, and I’ve only kept up with the scores and standings online. What has fatherhood done to me?! A die-hard hockey fan hasn’t been watching the Stanley Cup Finals!

Having a child is a paradigm shift of epic proportions. Everything that used to be important is suddenly subject to questioning. Activities that used to be fun no longer hold the same appeal.

The main reason we shed old activities is the time factor. We have the same 24 hours in a day we’ve always had, but why does it feel like we have less time now?

Every day is payday, but you only get 24 hours. This temporal currency is subject to inflation upon the birth of a child. You pay one third to Mr. Sandman. One third goes to your job. Varying amounts go toward family obligations. With what we have left over, we have to watch the ball game, get our video game fix, socialize with our peers, and engage in our hobbies. This reminds me of how Frugal Dad taught his daughter about money with only 4 quarters

I always wish I had more time, but I’m also thrilled in my role as a dad. Spend your time wisely.

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