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Happy Earth Day 2008

April 22nd, 2008 . by 21st Century Dad

A green movement often follows the arrival of a baby. This green movement isn’t exclusive toCrunchy on the Inside With a Soft Suburban Outer Shell disposable or cloth diaper advocates. Both choices have their respective impacts on our earth. We also become aware of the toxic chemicals we keep around the house. The instinctual desire to keep our children safe reveals itself very clearly.

The eco-warrior within was nurtured from an early age. Private schools did things like that, instead of just teaching kids how to pass standardized tests. I bugged my parents to turn off lights in unocupied rooms and start recycling. My choices are often motivated by this consciousness, however, the seduction of convenience puts up a good fight too.

I had written an article about my spotty track record on going green, waiting for the right time to release it. Today is as good a day as any other. This was originally one long article, but I have split it up into smaller chunks. Installments will come out weekly.

Hit the jump to read the first installment of Crunchy on The Inside With a Soft Suburban Outer Coating.

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