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News, Notes, Links for 11 January 2008

January 11th, 2009 . by 21st Century Dad

New Cell Phone

Sprint was offering a promotional deal so I was able to get an LG Rumor for free! The only string attached is my eternally indentured servitude to Sprint. The QWERTY keyboard is a nice upgrade. It better be. I sold my soul to Sprint once again for it. All it takes to stay connected to social media is the ability to send and receive text messages. Now my capabilities here have been improved dramatically.

My objective here is to maintain my presence on Facebook and Twitter via mobile phone while doing the bus thing. Busy Dad started his blog to pass the time commuting on the LA Metro. FB’ing and Tweeting on the go will free up time for other activities when I am sitting at the computer. Maybe I can update this blog more often. Maybe you can just catch up with me via Facebook and Twitter.

Ring Tones Are For Losers

I want to know why people balk at purchasing songs on iTunes or at Amazon for $0.99 but will pay up to $4 for a ringtone? The Amazon download is DRM-free, can be played at any time, and on any stereo system you have access to. With ringtones, you hear only part of the song out of a crappy little speaker when someone calls or text messages you.

Speak Up on Twitter About Your Woes

Cell phone carriers aren’t known for their top-notch customer service. I complained on Twitter about my recent experiences with Sprint. A Sprint rep on Twitter responded to me immediately and offered to help. I didn’t even have to pull out the big guns – “May I speak with your supervisor.”

More and more companies are on Twitter. They’re looking to keep their good names good by sending their sentinels out after us, er, I mean, they’re listening to us in the places we hang out online.

Alternative Transportation

My ride to work is on paternity leave. Looks like I’m taking the bus all week. I’m glad to have upgraded to mobile web access on my phone

A suburban setting is a tough place to live without a car. The landscape gets really sprawly as you go further west in Broward County. I am at the supermarket 2-3 times a week instead of making one big trip a week. Cargo capacity is limited when you’re on the bike.

Selling stuff on eBay presents a logistical challenge. There’s a limit to the number and overall bulk of packages I can haul at one time to the post office. When I first started selling on eBay 6 years ago, there were times when I chose to ride my bike instead of drive to the post office. I did it once before, so I know I can do it again.

Entre Card Users

I haven’t been active on Entre Card lately. I got a great boost in traffic when the blog was new and I found some great blogs. It’s one of the things I am choosing to let go of in the name of simplifying my life. Some of these bloggers have left Entre Card and some remain.

Without my active participation, I still accumulate credits. I already have a good stash I can give away to other Entre Card users. As I procrastinate on the task of running some sort of blog contest involving Entre Card credits, the credits continue to pile up. Look for some sort of giveaway or contest in the future. If you’ve left Entre Card, leave a comment and let me know what you did with your leftover credits.

The War Against Clutter

Getting the UHaul and taking a pile of books to McKay Used Books was phase 1 in the war on clutter. Phase 2 sees the use of eBay, craigslist, FreeCycle, Goodwill and word of mouth. Phase 3 is bulk trash day. I’m still a long way from reducing my belongings to what will fit inside a medium-sized SUV.

Perhaps foreclosure is like “the bomb” that ends the war. How appropos that I am looking to move to Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Much of the work on the Manhattan Project took place in “The Secret City.”

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Happy Mother’s Day Part II

May 12th, 2008 . by 21st Century Dad

UPDATE: In my haste, I left off some names. This list may or may not grow. Thanks for all the kind words! If anyone understands positive reinforcement, it’s a mother.

Just want to shout out to some of the cool moms I’ve met on my blogging journey. In no particular order…

State of the Blog Address for April 27th, 2008

April 27th, 2008 . by 21st Century Dad

Upward Trend

Special Thanks To…

A combined effort between Frugal Dad, Parent Hacks, and StumbleUpon users helped drive a tremendous traffic surge to my recent post on How to Prepare for a Baby’s Arrival on a Budget. As a result of this one surge, regular daily traffic and RSS subscriptions are on an upward trend.

Geek Mom MashupHeather at Geek Mom Mashup was kind enough to provide a guest post last week. I enjoyed the entire process of asking, receiving, and doing the graphic illustration for it. I also got some fresh eyeballs on me. After moderating a few comments, I realized that I never actually made an official glossary entry (or a glossary for that matter) for “hapa.” A hapa is someone who is of partial Asian descent.

It’s also nice to see some unsolicited links from My Mama Drama and Found Not Lost. Thanks!

A Surge In Posting Frequency

Some of you may have noticed my posting frequency has increased lately. I even had time to help out Renee and write a post over there. 50 hours suddenly opened up in my schedule each week. The full time job turned out to be a temporary thing.

Embracing Journalism

David Hobby, photojournalist turned blogger, was the final boot-to-butt convergence that turned me into a blogger. I’ve become more of a photojournalist than I thought I would. It became obvious to me at the babywearing meeting. I took some photos, but I wish I took more photos and better photos.

I found a great ebook called Journalism 2.0: How to Survive and Thrive. It’s actually a great Web 2.0 primer. Journalism 2.0 and Web 2.0 are inextricably linked. Some might argue that they are one. There’s always something to learn. I’m up to about Web 1.76 now. I may never become a full 2.0 since I’m on instant messenger about 4 hours per year.

Download it. It’s totally worth reading if you’re a blogger, or just want to shore up on Web 2.0.

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Happy to be a Hapa Girl

April 14th, 2008 . by Heather

Geek Mom Mashup

The following is a guest post from Heather Weaver, a.k.a. “Geek Mom.”

Growing up “hapa” in the Midwestern United States in the 70s and 80s was not much different than growing up white, I think… I spent my youth in the macaroni and cheese, potato salad, extra-mild salsa part of the country. We ate Japanese food frequently, but I figured that was pretty normal.

As a half-Japanese girl who looked more Caucasian than Japanese, most people couldn’t really tell I was hapa, unless they knew my family, or happened to see my middle name, Midori.

I think that was a unique situation to be in. I didn’t really look any different, so I was perceived as white by strangers. Unlike my father, who is Japanese — and looks Japanese — people did not usually judge me by my ethnicity.

Although he does not talk about his experiences with discrimination much, I know that my dad has dealt with it throughout his life. As a young boy, he spent World War 2 in an internment camp with his family. His little brother, my uncle, was born in that camp in Arizona. It really wasn’t that long ago, if you think about it. My dad is only 67 years old.

My father’s experience is in stark contrast with my own. I have had the power of disclosing my ethnicity by choice, most of the time. It’s not that I’m ashamed of being hapa, or afraid of being recognized as such. I love my Japanese heritage! It’s just that since most people can’t tell, it’s usually up to me to decide who finds out, and when. Kind of like a superhero with a secret identity — I’m Hapa Girl!

  • Able to make perfectly steamed white rice without a measuring cup!
  • Able to speak English without a foreign accent!
  • Able to use chopsticks without making a mess!

Okay, so that’s kind of silly. But when I stop and think about easy my life has been, compared to the way my father grew up, I feel so lucky to be hapa. It has really been a blessing of the “best of both worlds.” I’m not sure how to express it without sounding corny or trite. I’m truly happy to be hapa!


Heather a.k.a. Geek Mom. Visit her site, http://geekmommashup.comI wanted to get a first-hand perspective from another hapa, so I called upon Heather (a.ka. Geek Mom) for some help. The only other hapa I know isn’t much of a computer user. However, she has managed to type, “34kldflkj4toicv dsf09u4 tljkvda” and things like that.

You can find more of Heather’s writing at her blogs, Geek Mom Mashup and Sugar and Sweets. As if she doesn’t have her hands full enough with 3 children, 2 blogs, a husband, and an internet addiction, she blogs at Posh Mama and finds a spare moment to make unique hand-made gifts.

Geek Mom Mashup

February 25th, 2008 . by 21st Century Dad

Monday is usually the day to talk about diversity and race. We just finished up a busy weekend which had us out Friday, Saturday and Sunday where we gave our support to some of our closest friends. We need all the time we can get, but to give some to those who would do the same for us.

No, Geek Mom is not a close friend. She is a recent discovery in the blogosphere, thanks to Entre Card. Today, Monday, February 25th, 2008, Geek Mom’s ad is running on my Entre Card Widget.

In the spirit of support, I urge you to take a look at Geek Mom’s bloggerrific site. She is about all things Web 2.0, arts and crafts, being addicted to the Wii, and a fellow Mac user. Monday is the right day to talk up Geek Mom after all. She is half Japanese. Half Asian people totally rock. That opinion comes from personal bias. My daughter is half Asian and she totally rocks. 🙂