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Happy Father’s Day

June 15th, 2008 . by 21st Century Dad

Due to an oversight on my part, this article was not posted as scheduled on Father’s Day.  -Elliott

Renee, Elliott, Austin, and ArianaI’m on break, but it would be wrong if a dad blogger didn’t acknowledge Father’s Day. I have a freelance project that will take up a good part of my time this next week. I don’t want to be wrought with guilt on Thursday when I still haven’t posted. Yes, I’m on break. For real! This is worse than quitting cigarettes.

Father’s Day is a quiet day around here. I decided that instead of being treated like a king, it’s my day to reaffirm and reflect upon what it means to be a father and be the best dad I can be. Today is the day to do what you normally do, but better. Show your family why you’re the best dad ever:

  • Call your own father and wish him a Happy Father’s Day.
  • Say an extra “I love you” to your spouse and your children.
  • Put extra special effort into a meal you prepare for your family. Save the shells ‘n’ cheese for another night.
  • Help out around the house.
  • Play video games and let your kids win… as if that doesn’t already happen!
  • LISTEN to your children.
  • Give your children one more hug.
  • Laugh with your children.

I received a pleasant surprise yesterday. Chelle from It Might Be Love sent me 250 Entre Card Credits! She won Dance of Motherhood‘s Dad Blog contest. Her first act of kindness was to nominate my blog. Then she upped the ante by giving me a share of her winnings. Thanks!

Here’s a shout-out to all the cool dads I’ve met in the blogosphere. I did the same thing for my favorite mom bloggers on Mother’s Day. Not all of these dads write parenting blogs, but each is written by a cool dad:

I’m on break (much of this post was composed a few weeks ago), so posts won’t come as frequently. Subscribing to my RSS feed is the best way to find out when I stop in to say hello again. You can still browse the archives. I left a hidden gem for you to find somewhere on this site.

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Happy Father’s Day!