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Guest Post is up at Building Camelot – Bringing Home a Second Baby

July 14th, 2008 . by 21st Century Dad

Building CamelotI feel like such a blogger. I’m sitting here in a hotel lobby updating my blog. 🙂 Just finished up a full day of work with a client on-site at their humongous corporate meeting with their people from all over the country. I might as well get some things accomplished here and wait for rush hour traffic to subside.

Last week, Tyler from Building Camelot asked me to contribute to his series on Bringing Home a Second Baby. Tyler and his wife are expecting any day now!

In this multi-part series, you will read all about:

  • Helping your first child understand what’s about to happen.
  • The first meeting between the two children.
  • The first time time you actually bring the baby home.

Follow the link here to read the first installment of the series on Bringing Home a Second Baby.

You will also read some great stories by Chris from DadOfDivas.blogspot.com and Jeff from Daddy’sToolbox.com.

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