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News, Notes, Links for 1 March 2009

March 1st, 2009 . by 21st Century Dad

Mom and dad bloggers can get away with disappearing for weeks at a time. I’m anxiously awaiting updates from some of my favorite moms and dads in the blogosphere. Where are you?!?!?!

21st Century Dad is moving in a new direction which is following the course correction my life has taken. I will continue to write about topics of interest to all dads in addition to garnering fellowship with divorced and separated dads. An article about time management is coming up very soon. I didn’t want to spring that on you in the midst of the CTRL-ALT-DEL stuff without an introduction.

Seitan Worshiper

Seitan Philly Cheesesteak

Seitan steak'n'cheese sandwich

As some of you know, I’ve been exploring vegetarianism and veganism lately. I made my own seitan for the first time last night. It’s incredibly fun and easy to make. An investment of just under $4 yields 3 pounds. How much meat can you buy for $4, or what kind of meat is available for $1.33/pound?

Seitan allows me to enjoy the gooey goodness of a “steak” and cheese sandwich. Thanks to Vegan Dad for the recipe.

My experimentation with tofu and now seitan will keep me busy in the kitchen for a long time. My mind is already racing with the possibilities.

Dad Blogs

Dad Blogs

My philosophy is to put more effort into fewer social media sites than spread myself too thin. You can stay very busy just working Facebook. Despite this, Dad Blogs has earned a bookmark in my browser.

As a social networking site, it has all the features you would want to use. My favorite feature of Dad Blogs is the Instant Chat. It’s like having our own private little Twitter.

Joe Schatz (you may know him as Joeprah) and Pete Janelle created this social networking site for dads and dad bloggers. It’s not a total sausage-fest. A few super-cool moms move the male/female ratio closer to that of any college with the word “Polytechnic” in its name.

You don’t need to have a blog to join.

New Friends

And now for some overdue link love. You may notice some of these as recent additions to the blogroll.

Money Smart Marriage – JW shares his insights on personal finance from a family point of view. Lots of good stuff here. Frugal date ideas aren’t just for husbands and wives. Dads paying child support feel the pinch too.

Open seven days a week. Closed Sundays. – Generation-X Christian woman, and a single mother of a wonderful little princess. I love her sense of humor. “I’m going to live forever or die trying!!!” HAHAHAH.  She also knows about proper care and maintenance of automobiles.

Savvy Stepmom – I thought back to when I was 24 and all the 24 year olds I’ve known since. Few are as savvy with money or as resourceful. This woman drives a car that doesn’t have a functioning reverse gear and gets by just fine.

The Broward County Transit Diet

Broward County Transit - Clean Air Hybrid

Clean Air Hybrid

The popular perception in South Florida is that a car is a necessity. I’ve been doing OK with the bus and my bike. I take full advantage of Google Maps and Google Transit to plan my outings. One day, I ran errands all day and made it to a 7pm movie downtown, all without a car. I’ve lost 10 pounds after losing 3000 lbs back in July. The crunchy green part of my heart sings whenever I see the “Clean Air Hybrid” buses that BCT operates. Their buses run on a biodiesel too.

The increased physical activity has also helped my overall mood too. I don’t want to think about where I’d be without exercise, good nutrition, and medication.

Recent Guest Posts

August 3rd, 2008 . by 21st Century Dad

I’ve done a couple posts over at Building Camelot and List Mama Blog. I’ve got one more guest post in the works at another popular blog. Stay tuned. For now follow the links below to some fine blogs and my recent guest posts.

Building Camelot – Bringing Home a Second Baby

Building Camelot

The third and final installment of Bringing Home a Second Baby is up at Building Camelot.

I had a great time contributing to the multi-part series and got to know Chris and Jeff a little better. The timing couldn’t have been better. My daughter will be turning 1 on Thursday.

List Mama Blog – 10 Ways To Enjoy Cooking At Home More

List Mama Blog

Jennifer at List Mama Blog contacted me to do a quick guest post. Her blog consists of top-10 lists. Lists are easy to digest and many people swear by them as productivity boosters. My guest post is pretty much the same as my original post on ways to enjoy cooking at home more. I know you SEO gurus will slap me on the wrist for the duplicate content, but I couldn’t turn Jennifer down. If your attention span feels especially short today, her blog gives you the most bang for your buck. Lists are easy to read.

Jennifer is also the owner of ListPlanIt.com. Members have access to over 300 lists (with more added frequently) to help you streamline your life. Yes, it is a very-affordable membership site. No, I am not an affiliate. Yes, I probably should use lists. No, I am not a member. The only kickback I’m getting is good karma for the link love.

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State of the Blog Address for April 27th, 2008

April 27th, 2008 . by 21st Century Dad

Upward Trend

Special Thanks To…

A combined effort between Frugal Dad, Parent Hacks, and StumbleUpon users helped drive a tremendous traffic surge to my recent post on How to Prepare for a Baby’s Arrival on a Budget. As a result of this one surge, regular daily traffic and RSS subscriptions are on an upward trend.

Geek Mom MashupHeather at Geek Mom Mashup was kind enough to provide a guest post last week. I enjoyed the entire process of asking, receiving, and doing the graphic illustration for it. I also got some fresh eyeballs on me. After moderating a few comments, I realized that I never actually made an official glossary entry (or a glossary for that matter) for “hapa.” A hapa is someone who is of partial Asian descent.

It’s also nice to see some unsolicited links from My Mama Drama and Found Not Lost. Thanks!

A Surge In Posting Frequency

Some of you may have noticed my posting frequency has increased lately. I even had time to help out Renee and write a post over there. 50 hours suddenly opened up in my schedule each week. The full time job turned out to be a temporary thing.

Embracing Journalism

David Hobby, photojournalist turned blogger, was the final boot-to-butt convergence that turned me into a blogger. I’ve become more of a photojournalist than I thought I would. It became obvious to me at the babywearing meeting. I took some photos, but I wish I took more photos and better photos.

I found a great ebook called Journalism 2.0: How to Survive and Thrive. It’s actually a great Web 2.0 primer. Journalism 2.0 and Web 2.0 are inextricably linked. Some might argue that they are one. There’s always something to learn. I’m up to about Web 1.76 now. I may never become a full 2.0 since I’m on instant messenger about 4 hours per year.

Download it. It’s totally worth reading if you’re a blogger, or just want to shore up on Web 2.0.

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Weekend Roundup for March 2nd, 2008

March 2nd, 2008 . by 21st Century Dad

Pediatric AssociatesThe 6 Month Checkup

We paid another visit to Dr. Juan this past Thursday. It’s time for another round of vaccinations. I’m happy to report that Twilli is doing great.

We told Dr. Juan about the infant potty training we started. He was absolutely thrilled. It was the first time he checked off the “toilet training” box on the checkup form this early. Renee has done a better job writing about it. Cruise on over to 21st Century Parenting to read more.

Registration No Longer Required for Comments

David Hobby at Strobist told me last month that I would get more comments and interaction if I don’t require users to register first. I thought I took care of that. There was one more option buried in the WordPress Admin pages that I missed. Maintaining a blog is a lot like home improvement. You’re never really done.

Now that the user registration issue is fixed, you can comment away like crazy.

Entre Card

Some of you aren’t part of the Entre Card community, but the widget is there for you too. It serves up a new ad every day. Every blog advertising on my Entre Card widget is worth reading. Some are excellent. Take some time to explore these sites.

Some Parenting Blogs Totally Worth Looking At

February 3rd, 2008 . by 21st Century Dad

Since the beginning, I was focused on writing content and everything else related to getting this blog started. I know there has been a recent flurry of pimpin’ the ‘zon, but that’s not the main reason I’m here. It’s about time I started sharing some of the great parenting blogs I’ve found since I started this adventure. I found all of these without the StumbleUpon toolbar. The darn thing doesn’t work!

I highlighted a few of our favorite bloggers over at ReneeAndElliott.com. Some of our friends are a little slow getting on board with Web 2.0. This list here is parent-centric. Long-time readers may recognize that some of these are recent additions to the Blogroll.

Parent Hacks – Asha Dornfest

Parent Hacks

Parent Hacks. I hack my kids. Do you? You should too. Asha has really built a sense of community on her site. She’s got plenty of great hacks of her own to share and readers are encouraged to submit their own hacks. It’s a daily read for me.

Metro Dad – Poppycock from a Cocky Pop

MetroDad is brutally honest and forthright. He doesn’t post daily, but when he does, it’s always entertaining. If you’re offended by the occasional (or frequent) F-bombs, then proceed with caution. I get a little sneak preview of what my little one might be like 3 years from now. I hope he doesn’t mind that I’ve branded him as “The F-Bomb Dad.”


Thingamababy makes me feel good when I read it. AJ, the writer, takes the high road with product reviews. He doesn’t take kickbacks from affiliate programs and writes extensively on products that he really uses. Occasionally, he’ll highlight cool things he’s seen online, but the true value comes from the real-life use perspective. Hooray for investing in some graphic design for the blog header.

Shooting The Kids

Amy and Chris Frazier bring us Shooting The Kids. They have great tips and tricks for everyone, regardless of what camera you own. This is a topic I just started covering myself. There’s room for both of us in the blogosphere but my kid is cuter. Amy is a fellow Nikon DSLR shooter. Yay!

Rice Daddies and Kimchi Mamas

The Rice Daddies (and the Kimchi Mamas) are helping me reconnect with my Asian heritage. When the Korean population in my house increased by 0.5 people, I took notice. The Little One will want to know about where she came from. The whitewash is starting to wear off a little.

Baby Cheapskate

Being a parent means you’re watching your finances more closely. Baby Cheapskate is a one-stop shop for finding amazing bargains, coupons and deals.

Daddy Types

Can’t mention the Yin of Baby Cheapskate without the Yang of DaddyTypes. DT is like the Gizmodo of parenting. I had no idea you could spend $6000 on a crib.