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Geek Mom Mashup

February 25th, 2008 . by 21st Century Dad

Monday is usually the day to talk about diversity and race. We just finished up a busy weekend which had us out Friday, Saturday and Sunday where we gave our support to some of our closest friends. We need all the time we can get, but to give some to those who would do the same for us.

No, Geek Mom is not a close friend. She is a recent discovery in the blogosphere, thanks to Entre Card. Today, Monday, February 25th, 2008, Geek Mom’s ad is running on my Entre Card Widget.

In the spirit of support, I urge you to take a look at Geek Mom’s bloggerrific site. She is about all things Web 2.0, arts and crafts, being addicted to the Wii, and a fellow Mac user. Monday is the right day to talk up Geek Mom after all. She is half Japanese. Half Asian people totally rock. That opinion comes from personal bias. My daughter is half Asian and she totally rocks. 🙂

21st Century Dad Admin: News and Notes

February 18th, 2008 . by 21st Century Dad

keyboard closeup

Traffic Jam

I’ve scaled back the posting schedule a little to step up the traffic-building effort. So far, I’m enjoying Entre Card. It’s a win-win for you and for me. The widget serves up a different ad daily.

As a blogger, I’m also leaving comments on other blogs. To leave intelligent and worthwhile comments, I have actually read the posts. What a concept!

The Blogroll

I’m rethinking my approach to the blogroll. I want to keep the list fresh. Some of my favorite blogs will remain, but I’ll weeding out blogs that I don’t read anymore or blogs that haven’t been updated in a while. They will likely move to a separate page of links.

The RSS Feed RSS

I did some digging in my Feedburner account and finally set it up so you can subscribe via email.

Weekend Roundup

February 10th, 2008 . by 21st Century Dad

Investment Tip – Buy Stock in The Company That Makes Febreze

My Take on the Dave Hill LookLast Wednesday was the Au-Teen’s birthday, so we hosted a massive all-weekend hangout and sleep-over, complete with junk food, soda, and video games. At one point, there were 5 teenage boys in the house.

The living room smells like a hockey skate.

Not just any hockey skate, but a Game 7 quadruple overtime in the Stanley Cup Finals kind of skate. If you have teenage boys, a Costco or Sam’s Club membership can be justified even if Febreze is the only thing you ever buy there.

I might even get one of those large pesticide sprayers and fill it up with Febreze. A wimpy little pump spray bottle is woefully inadequate.

Despite my beliefs about food and nutrition, I’m letting the boys have their fill of pizza, nachos, Doritos, ice cream, and soda. It’s my hope that I’m reinforcing the “special occasion” nature of the soda and these other enemies of good health. Soda is not an everyday beverage and it doesn’t do anything to quench thirst. We are a nation of dehydrated sugar addicts. You need 6-8 glasses of water every day.

I know that one of Au-Teen’s friends actually reads my blog. So if you’re reading this, listen up! Soda is not a thirst quencher. It does not count toward the 6-8 glasses of water you need every day. Yes, you need 6-8 glasses of water every day. Each caffeinated soda you have counts against the total. So for every glass of soda you have, you need to make up for it with an additional glass of water. Did you know that your body often mistakes thirst for hunger? When you think you’re hungry, you might actually be thirsty. Burn this information into your brain and drink up!

Blog Housekeeping

If you’ve been paying attention, the header image changes randomly. I’ll be able to tell if you have finally realized that. My pageviews will suddenly go through the roof and my Google AdSense click-thru-rate will plummet. Gee, thanks a lot guys!

I haven’t figured out how to add more to the rotation, so I swapped one out. That’s a PHP thing. Yes, I may be be Asian but some things about computers confound me. It was a feature built-in to this WordPress theme. I didn’t code it. The only thing I did was use some of my Photoshop Ninja skills to customize the look of it.

Some of the more astute readers will also notice the Entre Card widget in the sidebar. If you’re a fellow blogger, it’s definitely worth checking out. Whether you are a blogger or not, the widget serves up advertisements for other blogs. While fellow Entre Card users solicit me for ad space, I have the final say. I’ve lined up some great blogs for the ad space there. The ad changes daily, so keep coming back if you don’t want to miss out on some awesome blogs. Moms, fellow dads, environmentalists, personal finance, and general parenting sites are all in the lineup.

I also spent some time sorting out the categories a little better. There are now some sub-categories. This helps break up the long unordered list into visually manageable chunks.

Then there are the largely invisible things like correcting typos and adding appropriate hyperlinks within posts.

How’s The Baby?


This is the number one question I get asked. I don’t mind answering it. Little Twilli has been doing great. A wise man once said, “Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.” I don’t have to buy bewilderment. I get it for free every day.

Twilli continues to amaze me. On Friday night, I had her sitting on my lap while I was looking at my Facebook profile. She clearly recognized my photo on the computer screen and didn’t fight hard to contain her excitement.

We’re both in this adventure together, and I think she has emerged as the leader here. I’m learning all about infant potty training of all things!

The photo you see here is a Strobist experiment gone awry. I was trying to trigger the remote flash with my point’n’shoot, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1. The remote didn’t fire, only the winky little pop-up did. It’s a great pocket camera for DSLR users. It has full manual control, a useful zoom range (it goes a little wider than most pocket cameras), and the native 16:9 format of the sensor gives your creativity a nice boost.