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Dad Can Cook Too

January 10th, 2008 . by 21st Century Dad

This blog is evolving and growing. I’ve written about things I didn’t originally envision. Some topics I planned to cover haven’t yet been touched upon. Cooking is one of those topics originally slated for coverage.

Food is a broad and general topic, but I can focus on how it applies to families today. What will you learn from me, other than high fructose corn syrup is evil?

  • The secrets on how to make some of my not-yet-famous entrées and side dishes.
  • What to stock your kitchen with. The freezer is your friend.
  • Ideas for quick meals that are really quick.
  • Concepts for a more efficient workflow in the kitchen.
  • The occasional tidbit of nutritional wisdom.

Here’s my biggest challenge. How am I going to teach you when I don’t follow recipes? I’m following in the footsteps of ethnic grandmothers everywhere. All that information is stored away in my head. The measuring spoon is buried in my kitchen junk drawer. Solving this problem is worth the effort to my readers. If you’re so inclined, you’ll learn how to make some delicious meals that are usually healthy. Be forewarned. I’m a big fan of butter.

I’m looking forward to this. The next best thing to doing something you enjoy is to write about it.

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