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Parenting Skills – Aeronautical Engineering

April 26th, 2010 . by 21st Century Dad

We all wonder what skills and traits you need to be a good parent. Who would’ve thought aeronautical engineering would make the list?

I bought a toy styrofoam airplane at Dollar Tree a few weeks ago. I took Twilli to the park and busted out the glider. She loved how I could throw it. She loved throwing it. She had a blast.

This past Thursday, I brought it out again. Twilli saw some young children close to her age playing across the street. She went over there to say hi. The other children really liked the glider too. They all took turns playing with it.

One of the children stepped on it and broke a piece of the wing off. His mother scolded him and offered to replace the toy. What a stand-up kind of mom! I declined the gesture. It was only a dollar. The lady insisted. Twilli promptly pocketed the money.

Later on that day, I examined the broken wing and determined that I could fix it easily. The pieces came back together very easily. I used a couple of staples and a few small pieces of tape. I don’t want to add more weight to a glider than necessary. I duplicated the repair efforts on the other wing to balance the weight out.

You know you’re being frugal when you decide to repair a toy you bought at Dollar Tree! I paid $1. The State of Tennessee got an additional 9.25% out of me. The debit card processing company got  a piece of that dollar too. The Chinese guy working in the factory (who also makes the “We Support Our Troops” stickers and ribbons) got a piece of it as well.

In the first photo, you can see I put some black tape on the nose of the airplane. Initial test flights showed that the center of gravity was too far back. It needed to move forward, so I added a screw to the nose and put black tape over it. It flies much better now.

Since this is Twilli’s airplane, I had to decorate it appropriately. As a young boy, I was obsessed with airplanes. I loved going to the airport. I loved flying. I loved playing with toy airplanes. I didn’t have to tell her any of this. She just knows that daddy would be tickled if she loved airplanes too.

2 Responses to “Parenting Skills – Aeronautical Engineering”

  1. comment number 1 by: Dad of DIvas

    It is great to see you back with us! Look forward to keep following how things are going!

  2. comment number 2 by: Mike Casey

    Dad hood is a full time job isn’t it? We’re working on the concept of “fair” at my house. I think plane building is an equal challenge! Thanks forthe post

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